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Usually i'm not one for boycotts but this is really ridiculous.

On May 8th we used Ryan's debit card to purchase airplane tickets. About half an hour or so afterward someone in New York started going on a shopping spree and virtually emptied his bank account. We have dealt with this via his bank, but the people at fault are really Cheaptickets. If you know me at all you know I live in the middle of no where West Virginia and there is no where to even use his debit card. Ryan never even leaves base unless he's going to work. Cheaptickets is trying to argue that they will not make any form of compensation even though this is their security breach and won't even fess up to possibly being at fault. After spending three hours on the phone speaking with a variety of customer service reps, departments and supervisors it's come to the point that i'm declaring a boycott on (More like advising people NOT to use them.) Let other people know that their money is at risk by using this website and let them know about their horrible customer service.

Now I need to figure out a better place to get airplane tickets since i've been using these guys for like five years. :(

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